Seven Western Clampers Initiated into BeeHive Lodge on May 5, 2002!
 In a Secret Ceremony... The body parts (As Proxy fer them not bein there
in person) of Seven Western Clampers "Rode a Wild Ass" to the Site of the
BeeHive Tavern (Made an offering of White Lightning), Blockhouse Hill and on to Cabin Run Cemetery, where the said Seven were duly Initiated without interruption (Made another offering of White Lightning)  Sheepskins will soon bee issued to said Western Brothers!


Let the Hewgag Brey and we of Ephraim's Clamping Vipers welcome our new found Brothers from the West as associate and Lodge members! 

Those Lodge members  Initiated at Ephraim's Gravesite

Stephen "Iggy" Myers, XNGH, Proctor, COY - Estanislao 58 - YB1   Aug 6006

Justin "Mountaineer"  Scarberry - Billy Holcomb 1069  Aug 6006

Rod Stock, XNGH,  XSNGH - JCB  Sep 6006

Disco Danny Coyle, XNGH - Chief Truckee 3691  Apr  6007 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Dan "Sgt Yogi" Halsell, XNGH - Jim Marshall 49  Apr 6007

John D Loomis XNGH - MV 1846  6007 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Charles "Animal" McIntyre - Estanislao 58   May 6007

May 4, 6008 @ Maplewood Farm

Nils "Hagar" Anderson, XNGH - YB1

Chris Banis - YB1 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Rick "Capn Crunch" Saber, XNGH - YB1  

Jim "IRJR" Reynolds, XNGH - 1846   (Gone to Golden Hills)

William "B." Staples - Estanislao 58

Dave "Yukon Dave" Phillips, XNGH - 1866  

Jim "JT" Tanner, XXNGH, PXP- YB1

Ken Workman  - "JT's PBC" - WV#1

Rick Hilgers, XNGH, XSNGH - 1846

Cap'n Al  Amsbaugh, XNGH - YB1 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Herman "Bubba" Bitner, XXNGH - MC 1850, Growlersburg 86

Steve "#4" Wilson, XNGH - MC 1850

Dan "Dirty Dan" Mcnamera - MC 1850

Stony Bee, NGV - WV#1

May 7, 6010 @ Maplewood Farm

Joe Custodio - Slim Princess 395 

John Wright XNGH  - MV 1846 (Gone to Golden Hills)

"Silent" Sandy Harmon - Slim Princess 395

Tom Vestal - Bodie 64

Johnny Walker - Bodie 64

Scott "Jake Brake" Cunningham - Bodie 64

Boots Wadley Bodie - 64

Philip J. O'Mara - YB1

Al Butler - Bodie 64

Scott Rasmussen - Bodie 64

Larry Malin - Slim Princess 395

Leon "Birdman" Abrams, XGDR - YB1 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Jack Rush, XPBC - MC1850 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Doug Kibble - Bodie 64

"Drunkin" Duncan Kibble, XNGH - Joaquin Murietta 13

Blayne Chappel - Bodie 64 

Frank Freeman - Bodie 64

Rick Smith - Bodie 64

George Vowley - Bodie 64

Ivan Waid - Billy Holcomb 2

Shaun Kenny - SGG 1866

Steve St. John - Bodie 64

Bill "Stinky" Williams, XXNGH, COY - Grub Gulch 41-49

P-Rick Dynes XPBC - Grub Gulch 41-49

Wild Bill Davidson, XNGH, Proctor - Jim Savage 1852

Jerry "ECV Lurch" Taddi - Jim Marshall 49 (Gone to Golden Hills)

Mike Smith - Bodie 64

Paul Martin - WV#1

Monte Tremont WV #1  (gone to the Golden Hills)

John Popovich XNGH - Jim Marshall 49  Banned !

May 20 6010 at Grand Council

Joel Roberts, XNGH, PXP, COY - MC 1850

July 22 @ West Union Monument Dedication

John DeBrular, Doddridge Historical Society, -WV#1

September, 6015

Bob "Jagar" Proctor, XNGH  - SB1004 - YB1

February 6015 with GNV Stony Bee

Dan "Chunky Tuna" McCormick, XNGH, Proctor - Doc Maynard 5440

March 6015 with GNV Stony Bee

John "Toe Jam" Foust - Branciforte 1797

Feb 6019 with GNV Stony Bee

Mike "Gator" Olson - Branciforte 1797

September 6019, with GNV Stony Bee GNV Stony Bee

Matthew " Ichabod " Klahn, XNGH - Chief Truckee 3691

February 6023 with GNV Stony Bee GNV Stony Bee

Dustin "Double D" Murray - Mountain Charley 1850

Ryan "Ryno" Holloway - Chief Truckee 3691

June 6, 6023 with GNV Stony Bee

Greg "Styx" Jewers - Las Plumas Del Oro 8

Jeff "Obie" Obenland - Las Plumas Del Oro 8

Mike "Pinky" Sea, XNGH - Matuca 1849

Associates who sent their DNA

May 5, 6007

Richard "Capn' Crunch" Saber,- XNGH

"Silent" Sandy Harmon

Donald L. Ford

William B. Staples

"Dynamite" Deke Sonnichsen,- XNGH

Eugenious C. Duncker,- XNGH, PXP, COY

Robert "Doc" Chandler, XNGH

May 20, 6007

William "Wild Bill" Davidson XNGH, PXP

David Phillips, XNGH 

Richard Sandman

Charles "Keyhole" Frazer

Lonnie "Shortround" Chase

James Tanner, XXNGH 

Gary O. McKinney

Dean "Dizzy Dean" Crandell

July 19, 6007

                                           Abrams, "Birdman" Leon (gone to the Golden Hills)

Anderson, "Hagar" Nils

Armstrong, John 

Christie, James 

Conen, James 

Cordischi, Louis

Cupp, Russell 

Debski, Theodore

Dennis, Larry 

Ficher, Oscar 

Gilbert, Ronald 

Greenough, Gary 

Gustman, Gary 

Hayden, Jeff 

Hensen, Marcus 

Horton, David 

Howland, William, Raven, XNGH

Jacques, Kenneth

Lencioni, David 

Lessa, Douglas 

Masokas, Michael

Martin, James 

Menshew, Albert, XNGH, XSNGH

Oswalt, Dennis, XNGH

Patterson, William

Pierce, Robert

Porter, David

Powers, James 

Reynolds, "IRJR" Jim, XNGH (Gone to Golden Hills)

Redford, Jerry 

Roith, Lee 

Sampson, Neal 

Schiflet, Derril

Schoeppner, Robert, XNGH

Sowle, Darrell

Smith, Maurice, XNGH (Gone to Golden Hills)

Stevens, Walter 

Stone, Kurt 

Terry, Franklin 

Wilcox, Timothy 

Williams, Matt

Steve "Dutch Oven" Vaz

Vivenz, Marc 

Sept 30, 6007

Foghorn Billy Wensrich, XNGH, Proctor

R.F. Burger 

RIchard Staley 

Harold Purinton 

Donald Bickle

Kenneth McAleer

Robertus Gee

Benjamin Miller

Thomas Smith 

Thornton Thorpe

Oct 22, 6007

Mike Faircloth, XNGH

Ellsworth "Infamous" Amos", XNGH, Proctor (Gone to Golden Hills)

Buffalo Chip Hagans

Reverend Colby Franklin

Patrick Hone

Antonio Roacha

Dr Hooter

Steve "Zeke" Van DeBogart, XNGH

John "Bottlehound" Lynch

Kenneth "Double Jack" Viloria

"Monterey" Jack Gibson, XNGH

Thornton C. Thorp

DNA Received  on May 3, 6008

Sgt Yogi

Disco Danny

        Jack Rush (Gone to Golden Hills)

DNA Received May 7 6010

Clyde F. Freeman

Larry "Shotgun" Neely

Mark Garner

Gary "Gato Pelon" Kammerer

Steve "Frugal" St. John

Doug "Father Time" Kibble

Duncan "Drunkin Duncan" Kibble, XNGH

Charlie "CMIC"

Gary Parrott

Deron "Smokey" Ratley

Jerry "the Jeep" Mehorg

Beau Boone, XNGH

"Geographer" Gil Bostwick

Bob "Roadkill" Romer, XNGH, SNGH, PXP

Scooter, Bodie 64

Shaun Lizard Kenny

Ivan "Dickhead" Waid

Al "Footprint" Butler

Blayne "Megapaws" Chappell

DNA Received in 6013

David "Dart Man" Moore - Estanislao 58

Jack "Jackrabbit" Furlow - MC 1850

Chris "KOK" Richard - At Large

DNA Received in 6016

Malcolm Newman Dusheck - SST 1827



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