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Iggy speechifies and reads Proclamation from Emperor Norton III

Following as quoted in West Union Fest Dignitary web page  http://www.westunionfest.org/bios.htm#Steve_Myers

Steve Myers, Grand Noble Recorder
Yerba Buena Lodge #1
E Clampus Vitus

E Clampus Vitus was founded by a West Union resident, Ephraim Bee, in 1845.  ECV has grown in the West to about 150,000 members.

Grand Noble Recorder, Steve Myers, has left his beloved California to visit West Union, WV on 4 different occasions since 2001, and has brought other members back on a sort of "pilgrimage" in honor of Ephraim Bee.

Steve has been instrumental in having 2 plaques made for Ephraim Bee; they were dedicated in 2003 and 2005.   The latter will be installed on the Rail Trail as it passes through West Union and rededicated on July 22, 2006 during our celebration for the 125th Anniversary of the Town of West Union.

The E Clampus Vitus Society has graciously scheduled the dedication of the monument to Ephraim Bee to coincide with the Town of West Union's 125th Anniversary Celebration.  Steve Myers will be one of the dignitaries speaking at the dedication of this monument, which is scheduled for 7:30 PM on the North Bend Rail Trail as it crosses through The Town of West Union.