Noble x Clampsbassidor,

Tis true.   Immediately after I read a letter from a Bee cousin to the Bee
Reunion,  the fellow came to me and said he had something urgent to tell me.
   He told me that there were redshirts who did not want their photo taken
and that they would go to jail if someone saw their photograph.   He said
that he had been telling people not to videotape or take pictures and I told
him that the Bee Reunion is a public event with all welcome and that he is a
guest.    A person who feels uncomfortable with this should not be there.  
If he knows someone who feels that way then he should tell them to leave.   
   I also told him that the Monument dedication is also a public event and
that he should not be there either if he has a problem with it being public.
    I told him that the only place that is not public is the doins on Maplewood Farm.
I know that several people left after he spoke to them.  The musicians also
left early.  I can only suspect why.
I was attempting to apologize to the Bees when the Monument started getting
dedicated.   We did not get a Family Reunion group photograph this year.    
I guess a lot of people are probably pissed off at me for various reasons.  

The suspect perpetrator of this act is none other than John Popovich.  This

incident is now under investigation, as I mean no disrespect to John or any

one else.  There are 2 witness's to these suspected statements made by John.

While this is not a Grand Council or Proctor sanctioned event, I take no action

in the name of E Clampus Vitus.  While this is an E Clampsus Vitus, WV Viper

sanctioned event, if true, the perpetrator will bee banned from any future WV

Viper events.

Steve Iggy Myers