This site, is dedicated to Ephraim Bee, Doddridge County History and his True Clamping Vipers! Any other version to the name of Ephraim Bee or his Vipers, is not recognized by  Ephraim's Clamping Vipers of West Virginia or E Clampus Vitus.  The only true Vipers are eastern and western brothers who have either filled out associate application or were initiated in Doddridge County and visitors of the grave site of Ephraim Bee!

This web site unofficially falls under the umbrella of  E Clampus Vitus, and is not sanctioned by Grand Council.  It's intention is to honor the name and history of Ephraim Bee, the kind folks of Doddridge County WV, members of the West Virginia Vipers and all legitimate chapters and outposts of ECV and Grand Council! 

This Web Site is solely owned by Steve "Iggy" Myers and it is dedicated to Ephraim Bee, his Vipers, both east and west, and as an historical reference within the Order.  Any other sites are counterfeit and have no connection with Ephraims Clamping Vipers.  A certain outlaw group has given dishonor to our honorable Founder and is not deserved by West Virginia Lodge #1.

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